Handled With Care

Whether our clients own or are looking to purchase an aircraft, we are here to manage the day-to-day operating of your jet or helicopter so you can spend your time enjoying flying in it. We have an extensive selection of maintenance and management partners.

Each offer unrivalled levels of customer care, paying attention to every individual detail. Passing cost savings to the client utilising cost economies, receiving the best products and services through the best management for less makes perfect sense.

Limitless Jets offer management solutions for the following

  • Crewing

    In an industry where safety is paramount, have only the best pilots operate your aircraft as it was designed to fly. Smooth operation with the client in mind, and serving the passengers interests is key, assisted by leading cabin crew who ensure your comfort and refreshment requirements are exceeded.

  • Engineering

    Ensure your aircraft has engineering cover. And should it require unplanned fixes, do not pay over the odds to get your aircraft back in the air.

  • Maintenance

    Buying an immaculate aircraft is one thing, yet maintaining it in the exact same condition you purchased it in is another. By conducting daily inspections, planned maintenance as legally required, and going above and beyond to ensure your aircraft is left how you found it, you'll be maximising resale value by investing in a cost effective maintenance programme.

  • Insurance

    Like with all vehicles that drive, sail or fly, insurance is a legal requirement, yet paying over the odds for the best cover is not. Our partners provide cover for all eventualities, leaving you to fly all over the world unrestricted.

  • Operational Support

    We wish it was as easy as boarding the aircraft and flying anywhere you desire, yet it can be this easy with the correct operational support. Our partners take care of  fuelling, cleaning, stock replenishing, flight planning and anything else that enables you to fly as you desire.

  • Legal Responsibilities

    There are many requirements to fulfil to ensure your aircraft flies legally, put in place by regulating authorities. And as these authorities vary in policies and requirements, the legality of flying can be extremely complicated. Remove this complication by letting experienced professionals meet all requirements on your behalf.

With all of the above, our partners benefit from vast cost savings through cost economies which are then passed to you. Yet there’s more to aircraft management than cost. The customer.

Beyond management of your aircraft, partners ensure that should your aircraft not be available, there will be an alternative available, whilst ensuring your aircraft doesn’t just meet the minimum standards in appearance and performance but exceeds it, ensuring the exterior and interior are cleaned to the high specification you expect each time, every time. And all of the above is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

This attention to detail means we have a maintenance partner who specialises in your specific type of aircraft, vital when safety is everybody’s number one priority.  The full range of services that can be performed includes the planning, input, oversight, completion, export and recovery. And best yet, should you decide to make a return on your investment, let our partners charter your aircraft when you’re not using it and let it be a source of income.