Air Taxi

The cost effective solution for short flights in small planes and helicopters for business or personal use. The flexibility of air taxi means you can schedule in many flights in one day, or just a single trip, reaching all of your locations with ease and in good time. Beat the time taken by road, train or boat by flying direct from point to point and make the most of your time.

For short flights, we recommend the turbo prop aircraft, such as the popular King Air, where clients benefit from prices almost half that of a jet. Capable of taking off and landing at almost any aircraft, you’ll quickly be on your way to that important business meeting, or taking the family away, in a cabin and in comfort identical to that of a jet aircraft.

Air Taxi is ideal for

  • Family travel, particularly for weddings and birthdays, where the low cost of operating the aircraft makes this charter affordable
  • Sport events for attending the races, grand prix, golf or other event important to you. Arrive in style and comfort, often at the site in a selection of different helicopters available to us.
  • Transporting sports team and personnel short distances as a planned journey to cut travelling times down drastically, or as a last minute solution when other transport plans by road, train or boat do not go to plan and delays need to be avoided.