Group Charter

There are times when travelling commercially in a large group is ideal. And there are times when it is not. Flying direct to your destination and avoiding the hassle of transfers and potentially missing flights can be crucial, and it can often be cheaper to charter depending on your itinerary .

We have experience in charter the following groups

There are many benefits to travelling as a group privately;

  • Avoid delays and connections by flying direct to your destination at a time that suits you
  • Select a cabin that suits your requirements, from an all economy cabin, to split cabins with business class seats, sofas and beds, to an all first class cabin.
  • Travel from dedicated areas in the terminal, with dedicated check-in and handling, ensuring swift processing through even the largest of international airports
  • Select catering to suit your needs, from light snacks to as many courses you desire
  • Swap between aircraft according to your travel plans, with turbo prop aircraft available for passengers travelling from 1 to over 30, and jets that can accommodate in the hundreds. This saves in owning an aircraft unsuitable to all of your requirements

We have experience in charter the following groups

  • Sports teams and fans
  • Music tours
  • VIP groups
  • Corporate travel
  • Holiday groups looking for ease of travel and luxury