Helicopter Charter

An advantage with helicopters is their versatility, able to take-off and land from many and most areas, including inner city sites on or besides high buildings, and remote areas, otherwise only accessible by lengthy drives. They are perfect for short trips up to two hours, and capable of making multiple stops in one day when time is of the essence.

And inside, you’re sure to be surprised. From 1 seat up to 10, the variety of sizes that helicopters now come in means you’ll never pay for a helicopter not suited to the charter required. Quiet cabins, luxurious seating and fantastic views makes travelling by helicopter the easiest way to get around.

And with their versatility comes a range of uses. We currently charter helicopters for the following uses

  • Daily commutes to work, reducing travel times from hours to minutes, cutting out that morning and evening traffic.
  • Multi-stop business day trips for those meetings around the country that need to be covered in the same day, and be back in the office to finish your work
  • Land at hotels, spas and restaurants for that perfect time away
  • Land at airports to connect with your private or commercial flight in no time at all
  • Rapid transfer of sports personalities or fashion personnel for that all important signing or photo shoot
  • Utilise the helicopter for aerial photography work, both stills and video, with specialist equipment available to ensure your commercial, fillm or photography shoot from the air runs as smooth as it looks
  • Transfer of wedding parties to venues for a grand and exciting entrance, and exit to the perfect honeymoon. The perfect start and end to the day